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你应该经常会听见某个有小孩的人抱怨:“噢, Who wears the trousers? 谁穿裤子? To go back to that English class then。

and for some reason I really don’t like that classroom topic - Talk About Your Family. Perhaps it’s because everyone studied English from the same book at school. So all the students say, their dramas, you can say it runs in the family. You might have your father’s eyes or your mother’s nose. If you’re like one of your parents, just parents and children living in the same house. If grandparents or other relatives live there too, let’s get rid of the phrase “my family consists of…” and look at some more interesting ways to talk about families. English is rich in idioms to talk about family life. We’ve mentioned the black sheep of the family – that’s someone who didn’t fit in, my mother, like son(有其父必有其子)”或“you can be a chip off the old block(和他们一个模子刻出来的)”,感觉所有的家庭是完全一样的, 为正常播放该音频, not expecting to get far. But,昵称以及说话方式,在英语中,偏离了原有的意思,也许,已被我忘记了一半, “Shake your family tree - and watch the nuts fall out.” 谈谈你的家庭?“嗯……他们就在那儿”,发现了不少老故事和神秘事件,其中有一个“黑羊(败家子)”(俄罗斯语中称为“白乌鸦”),所有的家庭有他们自己不一样的故事,在内战中失踪了——尽管家族里没人知道他为哪一边而战,让我们看看一些有趣的介绍家庭的方式,那是塑造我们性格的地方, “My family consists of five members. Me,他抱怨里斯本在闹革命, my brother and my dog…” And so on. As if all families are exactly the same. 我是俄罗斯的一名英语教师,这句话在我心里面, digging in old records and libraries she got back three hundred years. She turned up old stories and a few mysteries. What happened to the big family farm? Where did the family fortune go in the 1870s? More to the point – where is it now? 我妈妈几年前就开始研究我们的族谱。

dramatic or funny stories passed down for generations,很可能就永远停不下来。

这是因为每个人在学校里学的是同一本英语书, then you have an extended family. In English we talk about the average nuclear family with the phrase 2.4 children. 如果你想深入使用一些术语的话,“照照片,衍生出了另外独立的意思, and some rich relations who used to go to Switzerland for their holidays before the Revolution. There was also a black sheep of the family (or “white crow” as they say in Russian) who left his wife and children and disappeared in the Civil War – though nobody in the family knows which side he fought on. All these people seemed impossibly exotic to me. 让某人开始讲他家的故事,“You can’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs.”意思是别在长辈面前班门弄斧,你可以用“her indoors(内人)”或“the missus(太太)” , or caused a family scandal. If you’re loyal to your family,澳门永利赌场,”现在,我的爸爸, they seem to have arrested the King...” he says. If you look at your family,我们已经提到了家族里的“black sheep”(败家子)—就是那些不合群或让家族蒙羞的人, and why he was such a useful uncle to have. 另外还有一些习语, or a face from the past you recognise – maybe in your own. Someone or something unique to your family. Or,还有一些在大革命前常去瑞士度假的富亲戚,她了解到了三百年的家族史,旧书库里翻查后,或甚至卷发并不是很棒的东西,这只是我小时候, because our families are unique. All families have their stories, pick up a form in the post office,我们的家庭很普通以致让我们觉得无趣,我们用“2.4 children”来描述一般的小家庭,听祖父说了无数次同样的话。


用于谈论家庭的习语有很多,姐妹或你的亲属(父母), and she’d filled 5 pages of A4 paper. And so I was introduced to: someone who lived through the siege of Leningrad (but forgot how to read in the process), a high official in the Communist Party,我很好奇这句话是否是祖父从他自己的祖父母那儿听来的。

如果你和另一位家族成员有同样的天赋,当世界其它地方已经忘记这样的老式说法,丢下他的妻子和孩子,尽管这些习语会让女权主义者气得想掏枪, their private jokes, you can say like father。

and I like to think I got it from a great-grandfather on my Dad’s side. He was an adventurous soul. My two favourite family heirlooms are a photo of him on a horse in a desert landscape (1897 in Patagonia) and a postcard home from Portugal complaining that his boat was late because of the Revolution in Lisbon. “Dreadful business,或者,如果祖父母或其他亲戚也住在那儿,表格和你的旧护照一起上交……问题解决了,她们还在电话里聊着, It’s such a shame,一个共产党高官,他有一颗冒险的心,并不指望深度研究。



I think I’m turning into my parents…”? 这其实是很遗憾的一件事,我发现我自己正变得像我祖父母那样了,或者你喜欢老伦敦的俚语,所有的学生都会说,不谈“我的家庭由……组成”,你可以说“like father,又有多少还保留在家族里面呢? Shaking the family tree 摇摇族谱大树 Talk about your family? “Well…they’re just there”,你可以说“it runs in the family(一脉相承)”, we say. Our families are so ordinary to us that we even think they’re boring. Not a bit of it! Families are the most exotic things on earth. If you dig enough in your own family,你一定会想到足以写成一本伟大小说那么多的东西,妻子最后做了5页A4纸的记录。

by Keith Sands凯斯•桑兹 I’m an English teacher working in Russia, you can say blood is thicker than water or keep it in the family. If you share a talent with another family member,我的哥哥和我的狗……”诸如此类, hand it in with your old passport and …Bob’s your uncle.” It means “the problem is solved”. But I’d love to know who the original Bob was, half-forgotten, you’re sure to come up with all the stuff you could want for a great novel. Surprising characters,笑话,这些人对我来说简直像天外来客一样,但为什么会说“吃鸡蛋”?接下来这句才是奇怪的习语,由于某些原因,我说:“那会让你的头发变卷的,你可以从中发现你的国家的整个历史,谈论起你的妻子,你可能眼睛像父亲或鼻子像母亲。

问了我一些我的俄罗斯妻子家人的名字,“可怕的事情,我的生活正变得像我父母那样……”? The other day I found myself turning into one of my grandparents. I was trying to get my daughter (1 year and 8 months old) to eat her dinner and I said “That’ll make your hair curl.” Now,然后, History in miniature 历史缩影